alli Phillips
Graphic Design | Photography

Type Book


A modern type specimen book




This book was designed to be a modern day font foundry resource. Fonts from the different families are displayed along with an essay about typography. The designer takes inspiration from the narrative and creates a theme. This book is inspired by a quote from the essay, Since Then, by Milton Glaser. In the essay he says, “The role of art is to inform and delight.” The book is meant to inform the reader about font styles and delight the viewer through design and imagery. The focus of the book is the different letters and fonts. Only the body copy remains the same in a Sans Serif called Helvetica, the rest of the copy features different fonts throughout the chapters highlighting the letterforms. The photos are all my own and they are meant to reinforce the idea that art informs and delights. Just as designers use visuals to express their ideas, the visuals are meant to draw the viewer to the text and reinforce the description. 




Print Layout